The word Shekinah (She-khi-nah) means "The place where God's glory dwells." Shekinah Ranch is a Christian based, non-profit camp welcoming youth of any faith and race. 



 We encourage young lives to grow spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically in an exciting fun-filled adventure. Campers are reminded regularly of God's love and His perfect plan for each of them.





We believe there is a great need for a place where youth can connect their lives to God. Shekinah has developed activities to create an atmosphere of creativity, diverse interests, and adventurous spirit.



Overnight  Camp

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All Girl Camps
Co-Ed Camps

Teen Discipleship

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Program Dates
Program Overview & Curriculum

Buckaroos & Cowpokes 

Day Camp

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Day Camp Program Dates & Times
Day Camp Cost


Pastor Tom Ravasio


About Pastor Tom

Jonah Simons



Kelsey Martin


About Kelsey

Matt Ledford


About Matt

Larissa Shepard




"Shekinah is my daughter’s favorite camp! This was her 3rd year in the row. We live 500 miles away and we drive her every summer.She loves everything about Shekinah- horses, friendships, bible study, all the activities and staff!
Pastor Tom, Kelsey and Matt are amazing people who really love what they do! My favorite part is a No Electronics rule. It’s a wonderful screen detox. The camp is beautiful, clean, well taken care of and safe place for the kids!
My daughter will definitely be back next summer to make more memories!"

-Karolina Noskova

Overnight & Discipleship Camp Parent

Our daughter has been attending Shekinah Ranch summer camp for several years. These last two years she has been in Discipleship, and her love for God grows stronger as she shares His love with her and the amazing camp staff and fellow camp mates. We are so grateful for Shekinah Ranch Camp. We love that our daughter talks non stop when we pick her up at the end of the week about the awesome time she had and friends she made and Bible study. Greatest camp ever! Incredible staff and always in attendance, Our Almighty God!

-Robert Lawhead

Discipleship Parent

"Shekinah Ranch is a wonderful Summer Camp. My daughter Amalia loved it so much; she can’t wait to get back there next year. The entire staff is friendly and well trained. The cabins are clean and the activities are fun and educational. Amalia is doing horse riding in her home state of Florida, so it was such a nice experience for her doing horse riding in another state. She loved it so much, specially her horse Thea. Thank you for everything and the good care about my daughter."

-Thomas Heupel

Overnight Camp Parent

"All three of my children have been day and overnight campers at Shekinah Ranch since 2005. We have watched as they’ve grown and expanded their program from its beginning; and we have LOVED every moment of it. Every year my children beg to go back, therefore, we usually attend multiple camps each season! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Tom Ravasio, Shekinah Ranch, and their program. I accredit this program to my daughters current love of horses, equestrian skills and her strong faith in Jesus Christ. She was one of the original campers to Shekinah, starting out at five years old in the lil' buckaroo day camp during their second season. She has grown into a wonderful well rounded young lady and some of her fondest childhood memories were made here at Shekinah. Now, her little brothers (6 & 8 years old) attend camp every year and she is always excited to share her stories and memories with them & to hear about their experiences as well!"

-Lynn Ann Belluso

Day & Overnight Camp Parent

My kids spent the entire summer here. Without a doubt this will be one of their most memorable childhood memories. Every day they returned with stories of their adventures. There is plenty to do. Anything from rock climbing, swimming in the pool, zip line or horseback riding, they have it all.Older kids even have the opportunity for a week long overnight campout.
To top it all off, this is a faith based camp where the kids went only entrained but also spiritually fed.

-Jeremiah Johnson

Day, Overnight & Staff Parent

" It’s Shekinah! Only like the best summer camp ever! There’s so many things to do, you were never bored at camp, and that was like 5 years ago I’m sure there are more activities now than what there were before. I remember the cleanest room competition in the morning to riding horses (obviously) to the arts and crafts down to the rock wall and the hikes and paintball...Whenever I see pictures of me being at camp with my friends I see nothing but smiles! And I’m pretty sure I will always remember what was on the back of all of the shirts that I still have today... “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.” So if your debating sending your kids here. Please send them, they will have the time of their life, I know I did."

-Taylor Holmes

Camper Alumni

Our second summer here and it was just as amazing as the first. Our daughter has grown closer to her faith and has learned how to take care of horses. Shekinah keeps her mind, body and soul engaged. We will be back every summer until she leaves for college. Thank you all for what you do.

-Michelle Campbell

Overnight Camp Parent

"My son got back from Basketball Camp, and it is still the only thing he can talk about. He learned so much, and not just about basketball. He loved his time here...and loved the staff at the camp. He cannot wait to come back next year!!! Thank you everyone at Shekinah for making his first camp experience so awesome!"

-Jennifer Thomas

Overnight Camp Parent

Horses, swimming, zip lining, rock climbing, go carts, all set in a Christian framework... There are many other activities to do plus arts & crafts, as well. We are about to start our 7th consecutive year here and will be checking in a couple of hours from now. I can never explain how much fun my daughter has had at Shekinah. Pastor Tom, Kelsey, and all the staff/counselors have an unwavering commitment to the children and a genuine love of Christ.

-Jennifer O' Really

Camp Parent